22.01.2016 HABITAT VALENCIA 2016

B&V premieres Släde, Blat and Book, three new collections designed by edeestudio at Feria Hábitat Valencia

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For the second year running, we are showcasing our new collections and the at Feria Hábitat Valencia; chairs, sofas and modular systems, hand-made pieces that B&V’s master craftsmen together with renowned designers create since 1992. If 2015 has been the year of our launch in the international markets, there is every indication that 2016 is to be our consolidation.  Our stand will be located in Level 2, Pavilion 6 booth C113 within the Area D, the space dedicated to Design companies and brands.

This year, B&V introduces Blat, Book and Släde, three new collections designed by the Valencians edeestudio as well as the addition of new pieces to our already existing collections presented in 2015, with pieces particularly intended and adapted to contract and hospitality environments. Thorough selection of raw materials and finishes and the combination of craftsmanship and design are again the main focus in the collections.

Blat, wheat in Valencian language, is a collection with simple lines and light aspect. Blat is geometry in the outside and softness in the inside with curved forms that invite you to sit down and enjoy the moment. A spongy seat on steel legged base that is presented as Lounge chair and love seat with arms or armless in both cases.

Släde, meaning bobsled in Swedish, is an armchair with a tongue or spoon shape; a sturdy upholstered seat on a light and slim-lined metal structure, imitating the Nordic bobsleds, where the metallic skate holds and sustains the seat.
Lastly, Book is a collection of pieces designed to convey simplicity and elegance, a basic but must-have piece, a long lasting and very functional design thanks to its small dimensions, low back and visual lightness destined to hotel installations, lobbies, whether as a single piece or as a set.

 In addition, many of the most applauded pieces presented last year grow in family complementing the existing and solid range of products designed for residential and public use. The modular seats Dolmen that evolves to turn into comfortable benches and chairs with solid wood legs designed for contract spaces. The Ego chair welcomes its Siamese sister, with the arm on the right side to create intimate spaces for conversation. Both the armchair Zip, and the Ikon sofa, extend collection with new dimensions. The armchair nominated to the German Design Awards turns into a three seater sofa whereas Ikon reduces length to a 160 cm love seat to fit smaller rooms layouts.






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B&V brought to Russia by the online store Morson

Morson is a Russian online website specialized in the sale of Chesterfield-style-sofas. And for a few weeks now, nine of our models are part of the online offering of this distribution store in one of the biggest countries in the world: Russia.

With headquarters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Morson was born in 2012 with the aim to bring to the Russian public furniture and decoration pieces of English heritage. To do so, they work narrowly with the manufacturers and brands, offering adjusted prices and without intermediaries. They are also collaborating with companies around the world provided that the latter qualify for the conditions of exclusivity and quality in the product that they demand.

After discovering our sofa Ikon, a modern reinterpretation of a Chesterfield style mixed with an avant-garde touch, Morson decided to work with us and to incorporate nine designs of our B&V collection into its range of products: Ikon, Chesterfield, Norte, Oslo, Loft, Domo, Moon, River and Sand will now be available for purchase across Russia. Thank you for trusting us.



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B & V dresses #FactoriaRambleta every Thursday

La Rambleta is one of the current main cultural and entertainement centres in the city of Valencia. Once a week, they hold a seminar called #FactoriaRambleta where outstanding cultural and national artists are invited to discuss and debate on the stage. From now on, they’ll perform their presentation comfortably seated on one of our designs, Chestfield, which creates a close, personal and intimate atmosphere for sharing experiences.





28.09.2015 VALENCIA LAB

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Our Brand has been selected to furnish the new premises of Valencia Lab. Aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and networking within companies, through the organization of workshops, conferences, training, consulting or funding; that is to say, a space where the entrepreneurial ideas can come to life in the best possible way. Launched by Florida Universitaria, this 6-storey-building aims to become a business incubator for talent and new businesses . B&V has furnished the place with some of the newest B&V furniture designs (Ikon, Docks, Dolmen, Zip, Fez and Vetro) and you can see/touch/experience them in several rooms and halls around the building.




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Carretons Solidaris Vallada is one of the towns near Moixent where the headquarters of B&V are located. It was six years ago when Ricard was born there, a child with heart problems. His father, Xavier, has learnt so much about this experience that has decided to start a social and altruistic initiative during his town’s festivities called ‘Carretons Solidaris’. It is a social call in which neighbours are invited to participate and join in series of activities related to the Bous Al Carrer and social participation. The aim of this year’s event is to raise money to help a local child who suffers from a rare disease called Neuhauser Syndrome and which requires an ergonomic bed adapted to his necessities. The activity is funded by the selling of Carretons Solidaris, a green scarf which involves a minimum donation payment of 3 euros. We invite you to find out more about this initiative and chip in in the following account:

ES68 2100 7991 1801 0009 1697 BIC CAIXESBBXXX, a CARRETONS SOLIDARIS.




02.07.2015 HOUZZ PROFILE

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This year is a year of big changes for B&V. A new collection, new catalogues, a new website…a commitment to tap into the international market and get a foothold  as a reference brand in the sector of upholstery design. We would love to know your opinion and that you helped us to position ourselves with a simple rating. If you want to help us and you are a professional with a profile in the site, simply write a comment about our company. Each comment that we receive will be a nomination. Thanks!




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Ego, our new armchair designed by Alegre Design, has been chosen as one of this year’s trendiest products by Chlorosphere, a French trends consultancy that stands out for its pioneering and avant-arde design. For this reason, Ego will be included in the ‘Trendy Product of 2016/2017 selected by Chlorosphere’, a catalogue which gathers the most innovative products. It is compendium of next years’ furniture. Such renowned brands as Philippe Starck, Dyson, Airbus and Magis have made it to its pages. The selection is thoroughly agreed on by a group of industry and design professionals, as well as highly-qualified trendhunters. The catalogue, which will be released next October, is a reference point for brand advocates.

► More information about Ego





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B&V, the highlight of the Night of Valencian Wine Last June the #Nochedelvinovalenciano was held, an annual event that gathers the leading Valencian wineries that belong to DO Valencia, to present their certification of origin wines. This year the event took place in the Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. The DO took advantage of this event to present their new spot which intends to promote Valencian wines and the people who work in the field. In order to do so, they recorded in the Celler the Roure with one of our sofas: the Chesterfield. Moreover, this sofa was also present in the aforementioned #Nochedelvinovalenciano event presiding over the main photocall. You can find the video and from that night here.





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Zip, designed by edeestudio, keep achieving recognitions everywhere: it has been nominated for the German Awards 2016 as one of the best ítem of design. This nomination comes from the German Design Council, a German Organization with more than 60 years of career, as well as one of the most international distinguished agent of the development of design. So, what to say? Being part of the selection from these experts is a great satisfaction for us. Thank you.

► More information about Zip



22.04.2015 WANTED DESIGN

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Our armchair Ego will be exhibited, from the 15th to the 18th of May, in Wanted Design, one of the most important and emblematic design exhibition in New York City. Alegre Design, one of the Spanish studios invited to the event, is preparing a great exhibition, where they will be showing their main designs together with our Ego chair. Over 11.000 foreign profesional people, that belongs to the world of design will visit this exhibition, located in a place with more than one hundred exhibitors from 16 different countries. This is a perfect way to promote our company, and the European know-how, in the Old Continent.
Wanted Design is an annual event devoted to promote design and to provide the creative community worldwide with a space in which they can exchange ideas and thoughts about design. Founded in New York in 2011 by Odie Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, it is a great exhibition located in the iconic Terminal Stores Building in New York, where designers, companies and professionals gather in a week full of activities, workshops and conferences related with the design world.