22.04.2015 WANTED DESIGN

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Our armchair Ego will be exhibited, from the 15th to the 18th of May, in Wanted Design, one of the most important and emblematic design exhibition in New York City. Alegre Design, one of the Spanish studios invited to the event, is preparing a great exhibition, where they will be showing their main designs together with our Ego chair. Over 11.000 foreign profesional people, that belongs to the world of design will visit this exhibition, located in a place with more than one hundred exhibitors from 16 different countries. This is a perfect way to promote our company, and the European know-how, in the Old Continent.
Wanted Design is an annual event devoted to promote design and to provide the creative community worldwide with a space in which they can exchange ideas and thoughts about design. Founded in New York in 2011 by Odie Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, it is a great exhibition located in the iconic Terminal Stores Building in New York, where designers, companies and professionals gather in a week full of activities, workshops and conferences related with the design world.




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The modular system of DOLMEN seatings, pufs and arms, was selected to furnish this room, because of its capability of creating different combinations.

The "Aula Didáctica" of El convento de Carmen is an interpretation center located in the ancient Convento Carmelita. Today has turned out in an art room. This place has some interactive features which allows to the visitors some information about its history, such as the evolution of the architecture or the different uses of the building.

B&V together with edestudio have contributed to this project by showing the versatility of this modular system.







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Today, Thursday 5th of March, we will participate in the inauguration of # MMGallery, a new concept art gallery and showroom brand in Martinez Medina Shop. An exciting mix of art and design where we have one of our new product: our IKON sofa by Alegre Design.



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B&V has chosen Feria Hábitat, held in Valencia from February 9-13, to present its new sofas and armchairs. With the collaboration of edeestudio and Alegre Design designers, B&V will present in Valencia its new collections: IKON, ZIP, EGO, SIGNATURE, VETRO, DOCKS and DOLMEN.
You can find your free tickets to get on the premises without queues and waiting.



20.01.2015 / INFINITE SOFAS

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Sofas features in INTERIORS FROM SPAIN. Collections of functional sofas-in a whole variety of styles and adaptable to any type of interior or outdoor setting- are the latest ideas unveiled by Spanish firms: Kettal, Expormim, Sancal, Andreu World, Capdell, Grassoler, Gandía Blasco, Beltá, Joquer, Fama, Koo International, B&V, Casadesus, Gamamobel y Tapizados Moradillo